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like servant, like master.

sagesins replied to your post: “>continues studiously blocking every single sponsored post from my…”:
I blocked them all once long ago, its an XKit extension called No Recommended.

ive got that. these are sponsored posts by tumblr, they’re different from the recommended blogs. i dont get recommended blogs to follow on my dash, and the only extension xkit has for sponsored post dims them, it doesnt remove them completely.

i don’t know why but over the past week or so ive been getting sponsored posts show up from a couple of different blogs every few hours. its driving me bonkers.

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Hyrule Warriors Gold Skulltula Puzzle images.
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on the plus side i have a pie for lunch. nom nom nom.


tbh I can’t believe that there are people out there that think that being gay, bi, etc is a choice. it’s like “yeah, lemme go ahead and chose to be gay so that people—that I am not hurting at all—hate me. I wanna be scared of losing friends or family because I am attracted to the same gender! I can’t wait to not have a job or risk losing the one I got because I ain’t straight! and best of all, I wanna be terrified of walking out in the street holding my partner’s hand because someone might overreact and hurt us! yeah, that’s exactly what I want!” are you for real?

>continues studiously blocking every single sponsored post from my dash without second thought.

since apparently it’s impossible to ignore, block or blacklist the blogs to get them off your dash.

thank you tumblr.

pocketyprawn sent: Gaaaaah! Not to sound weird but your selfie was hella cute.

lmao thank u

so apparently me telling DA that source material from Nintendo confirms that a character is underage is not enough for them to remove a deviation depicting said character in a sexual situation. apparently i need to ‘verify’ this with more information.

good job DA. youve done it again. lets continue hosting child porn on our website because that is totally not morally bankrupt at all right.


I just wanted you all to know that you can totally finish that piece that you’re working on, because you are super talented and wonderful and there are people that love you that would love to read your story, and you should totally do it. 

I feel like such crap today lmfao way to go brain.

Oh my way home finally.


reblog if your url is rly u

Caitlin Stasey being the hero we all deserve.

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Shopping for clothes is hard.

Shopping for clothes is hard.